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Anthem of the Seas
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Anthem of the Seas deck plans review will show you the current position of Anthem of the Seas cruise ship, actual location of cabins and facilities by deck, along with information on Royal Caribbean Anthem ship rooms sizes, types and categories (codes). To skip the lengthy cabins information section, just follow the next link to the Anthem ship’s deck plan review.

Anthem of the Seas (built 2015) is the second of the Quantum-class Royal Caribbean cruise ships (the project’s former name was “Project Sunshine”) – together with Quantum of the Seas (2014) and Ovation of the Seas (2016). RCI’s Quantum-class ships (builder Meyer Werft Germany) as capacity and size (GT tonnage) are similar to the MSC Cruises largest Vista-class ship MSC Meraviglia (builder STX Europe, France). This is an outbound link to the official page at

Anthem of the Seas cruise ship rooms

Because of the new Quantum-class ships design, the Anthem cruise ship rooms, just like those of the RCCL Quantum and Ovation, are ~9% (on average) bigger than the staterooms on both Oasis-class ships – Allure and Oasis.

Of all RCI Anthem cruise accommodations, 82% are outside, 72% are balconied and 18% are interior. The numbers by cabin type go like this – Balcony (1571), Oceanview (148), Inside Virtual Balcony (375), Family Connected (16), Studio Balcony (12) and Wheelchair-accessible (34).

Below is the Anthem’s sister Quantum ship decks layout infographic (click on image to enlarge). Think of it as the Anthem ship decks layout – only the name of the ship is different there. This is a cutaway image in high quality and great resolution showing all there is on this unique cruise ship. Which is why the file is relatively big, so it might take you some time to load it in full size.Quantum of the Seas decks layout (rendering infographic cutaway image)

Anthem of the Seas cabins plans

Anthem of the Seas Rooms Categories, Size, Capacity, Location (deck names), Floor Plans
  • Max passengers – 6
  • Staterooms number – 1
  • Cabin size – 1640 ft2 / 152 m2
  • Balcony size – 610 ft2 / 57 m2
  • Location – on decks 8, 9 (2-level accommodation)

(RL) Royal Loft Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Royal Loft Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 1
  • Cabin size – 975 ft2 / 91 m2
  • Balcony size – 500 ft2 / 46 m2
  • Location – on decks 8, 9 (2-level accommodation)

(OL) Owner’s Loft Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Owners Loft Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 6
  • Cabin size – 795 ft2 / 74 m2
  • Balcony size – 215  ft2 / 20 m2
  • Location – on decks 8, 9, 10, 11 (2-level accommodations)

(GL) Grand Loft Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Grand Loft Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 3
  • Cabin size – 740 ft2 / 69 m2
  • Balcony size – 180 ft2 / 17 m2
  • Location – on decks 8, 9, 10, 11 (2-level accommodations)

(SL) Sky Loft Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Sky Loft Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 4
  • Cabin size – 540 ft2 / 50 m2
  • Balcony size – 260 ft2 / 24 m2
  • Location – on decks 11, 12

(OS) Owner’s Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Owners Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 10
  • Cabin size – 545 ft2 / 50 m2
  • Balcony size – 260 ft2 / 24 m2
  • Location – on deck 10

(FS) Royal Family Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Royal Family Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 20
  • Cabin size – 545 ft2 / 50 m2
  • Balcony size – SG (260 ft2 / 24 m2), GS (110 ft2 / 10 m2)
  • Location – SG (on decks 6, 7, 8, 13), GS (on decks 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

(GS, SG-Superior) Grand Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Grand Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 5
  • Staterooms number – 28
  • Cabin size – 300 ft2 / 28 m2
  • Balcony size – 80 ft2 / 7 m2
  • Location – on decks 8, 9, 10

(FJ) Family Junior Suite layout (can be connected to a balcony cabin)Anthem of the Seas Family Junior Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 16
  • Cabin size – 275 ft2 / 26 m2
  • Balcony size – 160 ft2 / 15 m2
  • Location – on decks 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

(JS) Junior Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Junior Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Staterooms number – 42
  • Cabin size – 265 ft2 / 25 m2
  • Balcony size – 80 ft2 / 7 m2
  • Location – on decks 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13

(SJ) Spa Junior Suite layoutAnthem of the Seas Spa Junior Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 1447
  • Cabin size – 200 ft2 / 18 m2 (SB-Studio Balcony 120 ft2 / 11 m2)
  • Balcony size – 55 ft2 / 5 m2
  • Location on decks – D1 (7 thr 13), D2 (11, 12, 13), D3 (6 thr 10), D4 (13), D5 (12), D6 (11), D7 (9, 10), D8 (6, 7, 8), E1 (6, 7), DO (6, 7, 8), SB-Studio Balcony (6, 7)

(D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, E1-Deluxe, DO-Obstructed, SB-Studio Single) Balcony cabin layoutAnthem of the Seas Balcony cabin floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 156
  • Cabin size – 180 ft2 / 17 m2 (cat F 300 ft2 / 28 m2), (cat G 215 ft2 / 20 m2)
  • Location on decks – F and G (8, 9, 10, 11), H and I (3)

(H, I, F-Superior, G-Large) Outside / Oceanview cabin layoutAnthem of the Seas Oceanview cabin floor plan

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 367
  • Cabin size – K and L (180-185 ft2 / 17 m2), M, N and Q-Virtual Balcony (165 ft2 / 15 m2), SI-Studio Inside (100 ft2 / 9 m2)
  • Location on decks – K and L (7 thr 13), M (10, 11, 12, 13), N (8, 9), Q-Virtual balcony (3, 7), SI-Studio (6 thr 13)
  • Note: The following Interior cabin categories will be changed (to be introduced on RCI cruises after April 29, 2017) – K-Large (to V1), L-Large (to V2), M-Virtual Balcony (to V3), N-Virtual Balcony (to V4), Q-Virtual Balcony (to V5), IC-Connected (to VC), SI-Studio Single with Virtual Balcony (to VS).

(IC-Connected, K-Large, L-Large, M-Virtual Balcony, N-Virtual Balcony, Q-Virtual Balcony, SI-Studio Single) Inside / Interior cabin layoutAnthem of the Seas Inside cabin floor plan

Below is the Anthem cruise ship cabins layout. The Anthem ship’s main category staterooms are standard as furniture and amenities. We offer you here a cabin floor plan of an Loft Suite which combines the four basic cabin types (“Mini Suite”, “Balcony”, “Oceanview” and “Inside”). It shows, in an overhead view, what are the room’s main features, such as furniture, bathrooms, seating area, outdoor veranda. The image is restricted by page width (click to enlarge).Royal Caribbean Anthem cabins types / floor plan overhead view

Handicap / wheelchair-accessible cruise cabins

  • The Anthem ship’s gangways are all wide enough for most types of wheelchairs and disability scooters.
  • For Royal Caribbean cruise passengers with disabilities, there are a total of 34 accessible cabins with wider doors, turning spaces, beds with open bed frames, lowered vanity in the sitting area, amplified phones, captioned TVs, wider bathrooms (roll-in shower, fold-down shower bench, grab bars, lower sinks and closet rods, raised toilets, hand-held shower head).
  • All handicap cabins feature a convenient location near the ship’s elevators.
  • All public restrooms on the ship have stalls and automatic door systems. All decks provide elevator access. All onboard dining venues, bars and lounges offer wheelchair access and seating.

Follows the complete list (as numbers) and information on the Anthem cruise ship cabins for disabled passengers.

Wheelchair Accessible Cabins on Anthem of the Seas
(SJ) Spa Junior Suite

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Room size – 355 ft2 / 33 m2
  • Balcony size – 110 ft2 / 10 m2
  • Location – on deck 8
  • Room numbers – 8242, 8642
(D5) Balcony stateroom

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Room size – 300 ft2 / 28 m2
  • Balcony size – 80 ft2 / 8 m2
  • Location – on decks 7, 8
  • Room numbers – 7664, 7668, 7670, 8668, 8670
(D7) Balcony stateroom

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Room size – 300 ft2 / 28 m2
  • Balcony size – 80 ft2 / 8 m2
  • Location – on deck 9
  • Room numbers – 9664, 9668, 9670, 9674
  • Adjoining cabins – (9674 with 9776)
(D8) Balcony stateroom

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Room size – 300 ft2 / 28 m2
  • Balcony size – 80 ft2 / 8 m2
  • Location – on decks 7, 8
  • Room numbers – 7674, 8664, 8674
  • Adjoining cabins – (7674 with 7676), (8674 with 8676)
(H) Outside stateroom

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Room size – 270 ft2 / 25 m2
  • Location – on deck 3
  • Room numbers – 3170, 3244, 3570, 3642
  • Adjoining cabins – (3244 with 3246)
(I) Outside stateroom

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Room size – 270 ft2 / 25 m2
  • Location – on deck 3
  • Room numbers – 3168, 3242, 3568, 3544
  • Adjoining cabins – (3544 with 3646)
(K) Inside stateroom

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Room size – 285 ft2 / 27 m2
  • Location – on decks 9, 10
  • Room numbers – 9171, 9281, 10281
(L) Inside stateroom

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Room size – 285 ft2 / 27 m2
  • Location – on decks 10, 11
  • Room numbers – 10171, 10221, 10223, 11205
(M) Inside stateroom

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Room size – 255 ft2 / 24 m2
  • Location – on decks 11, 13
  • Room numbers – 11525, 13141
  • Adjoining cabins – (13141 with 13139)
(N) Inside stateroom

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Room size – 255 ft2 / 24 m2
  • Location – on decks 8, 9
  • Room numbers – 8141, 9141, 9543

Anthem of the Seas Cabins Review

Follows the review of RCI Anthem of the Seas staterooms as amenities, furniture and services:

  • All Anthem of the Seas Suites have king bed, large-size bathroom (separate shower, some with whirlpool bathtub), vanity area, walk-in closet, large living/dining room, private balcony (sliding floor-ceiling doors, table/chairs, some with sunloungers and bathtub).
  • Royal Loft Suites are on 2 levels, and have 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room (double sofa, pantry, wet bar, dry bar, kitchen, dining table, chairs), media room (sofa), full bathroom (shower), balcony (whirlpool, dining area), master bedroom (on level 2) with twin beds /convertible.
  • Owner’s Loft Suites are on 2 levels, and have 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room (double sofa), split-bathroom (shower/sink, and toilet/sink), balcony (dining area), master bedroom (on level 2) with 2 twin beds /convertible.
  • Grand Loft Suites are on 2 levels, and have 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room (double sofa), full bathroom (shower), balcony (dining area), master bedroom (on level 2) with 2 twin beds /convertible.
  • Sky Loft Suites are on 2 levels, and have 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, living/dining room (double sofa), full bath (shower), balcony (dining area), master bedroom (on the level 2) with 2 twin beds /convertible.
  • Owner’s Suites have bedroom area (2 twin beds /convertible), full bathroom (bathtub, 2 sinks), separate half bathroom, living area (dining table, double sofa), wraparound balcony.
  • Royal Family Suites have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, master bedroom (2 twin beds /convertible), bathroom (bathtub), dressing area, 2nd bedroom (2 twin beds /convertible), plus 2 Pullman beds), full 2nd bathroom (shower), living area (double sofa, media center), wraparound balcony (dining area).
  • Grand Suites have bedroom area (2 twin beds /convertible), dressing area, full bathroom (bathtub, 2 sinks, 2nd entrance to living room), living area (double sofa, media center, writing desk), wraparound balcony (dining area).
  • Junior Suites have bedroom area (2 twin beds /convertible), full bathroom (bathtub), living area (double sofa), large balcony. The vestibule can be connected with Studio Inside cabin or with Ocean  view cabin. Spa Junior Suites have split bath (bathtub, separate shower with glass wall /allowing day light in), half bathroom (toilet, sink).
  • All balcony staterooms/suites have floor-ceiling sliding doors opening to a private verandah. The new category SB-Super Studio cabins have single bed, full bathroom, balcony.
  • All Oceanview cabins have a Picture Window (round-shaped window, size is 24-inch / 61 cm).
  • An unique new cabin type is the Royal Caribbean’s Interior cabin with Virtual Balcony (grades M, N, Q). The stateroom features a floor-ceiling LED screen (size 80-inch / 2 m). This is a 4K ultra-HD screen (no TV functions) that receives a live (real-time) video streaming from the ship’s outside cameras. This means you will enjoy “balcony views” along the ship’s itinerary route without paying balcony cabin prices.
  • The new categories Royal Caribbean single cabins (studios) are cruise staterooms with no single supplement required. These studios are designed for passengers traveling solo. The available for booking RCI cabin types/categories are SI-Studio Inside (with virtual balcony), SO-Studio Oceanview and SB-Studio Balcony. Studio cabin sizes range between 100-200 ft2 (9-19 m2).
  • All Anthem of the Seas cabins as amenities have 2 twin beds (convertible to Royal King), ample closet/drawer space, private bathroom (shower, hair dryer, bath products), sitting area (desk, drawers, vanity, sofa/convertible), flat TV, individual air-conditioning, direct-dial phone, safe, radio, mini bar, European and US/UK plugs, 2x USB charging points, Internet access, 24 hour room service (5-12 am /complimentary).
  • Some staterooms additionally have either sofa or upper/bunk beds (Pullman beds) for 3rd/4th person. Twin beds size is 36 x 82 inch (90 x 210 cm), all convertible to Royal King.
  • In-cabin babysitting is available at hourly fee (US$19 per kid) for 4 kids per stateroom max.
  • For in-cabin use can be borrowed movies, toys and games suitable for kids with autism.
  • RCI Anthem’s Wi-Fi costs US$15 per device per day (50% discount on a second device). The Wi-Fi is always on (shipwide coverage) and super fast (even for streaming movies).

royal caribbean wowbandNEWS: Among the new technologies implemented on the Royal Caribbean’s Anthem cruise ship are the RFID wristbands (aka WOWbands). These are an optional choice for replacing the line’s traditional SeaPass cards. They allow passengers to do onboard purchases (shopping, paying for drinks and food, casino playing) and also to access their cabins.

  • WOWBands are silicone-made, offered in different colors (black, blue, white, yellow) and can be used on other Royal Caribbean ships (need re-programming).
  • They were first introduced on the Quantum ship as a complimentary amenity for all guests. Subsequently, RCI started charging for the WOWBands US$5 (available for purchasing at the Guest Services desk). Junior Suite and above passengers receive their wristbands for free (placed in envelopes in the cabins).

You can see all the furniture details in Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cabins plans (the above table) and also in the following photo combo.Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Seas cabins and suites photos

Royal Suite Class cabins

A new booking category “Royal Suite Class” (suite accommodations only) offers the Anthem ship’s highest paying guests the ultimate Royal Caribbean all-inclusive cruise experience. It is marked by a 24-hours personal butler service, all-inclusive drinks, included gratuities, free Internet, Coastal Kitchen exclusive access, thermal suite unlimited access. Also included is an exclusive access to the Barefoot Beach – the suite-passengers only private beach on Labadee (the lines private resort in Haiti).

Royal Suite class bookings will be available on Royal Caribbean cruises starting in May 2016 onward, and on all Oasis- and Quantum-class cruise ships. Royal Suite Class staterooms are in all 3 service levels:

Sea Class cabins

In this cabin class are all Junior Suites categories, including Family, Spa and connecting. The package is inclusive of luxury brands bottled water, luxury brand amenities and products (Hermes, Ferragamo, L’Occitane), Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress. “Sea Class” passengers also enjoy complimentary (suite-exclusive) dining at Coastal Kitchen (dinner only).

Sky Class cabins

In this cabin class are the suites in the following categories – AquaTheater, Crown Loft, Owner’s, Royal Family, Superior Grand, and Grand. Sky Class cabins enjoy unlimited Suite Lounge access, luxury bath products, Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress, unlimited Thermal Suite access, free Internet, luxury brands bottled water, in-room dining, exclusive access to the suites-only private sundeck (Suite Sun Zone), reserved VIP seats at both theaters (Royal Theater and AquaTheater). “Sky Class” passengers also enjoy complimentary (suite-exclusive) dining at the Coastal Kitchen restaurant (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Star Class cabins

In this cabin class are the suites in the following categories – Royal Loft, Owner’s Loft, 4-Bedroom Family, Grand Loft, Sky Loft and 2-Bedroom AquaTheater. The list of included amenities has all of the above, plus complimentary amenities (1 fitness class, in-cabin movies, mini-bar, specialty restaurants dining), plus exclusive access to the suites-only private sundeck (Suite Sun Zone), reserved VIP seats at both theaters (Royal Theater and AquaTheater). Also included in the deals is the Royal Caribbean unlimited drink package “Ultimate Beverage” and the 24-hour Royal Genie (butler) service. The Royal Genies butlers are certified by British Butler Institute (private school in London, England). Royal Genies butler service offers reservations (for restaurants, shows, shore excursions, Spa, etc), in-cabin dining, laundry and pressing, luggage, packing and unpacking. “Star Class” passengers also enjoy complimentary dining at the suite-exclusive restaurant Coastal Kitchen (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Note: The suite-only complimentary dining at Coastal Kitchen (specialty restaurant) is available only for the passengers booked in the suite. The invited by them guests (not booked in the same suite accommodation) will have to pay the restaurant’s cover charge.

Anthem cruise ship Internet VOOM

VOOM is the name of the RCI’s new, high-speed internet service available on the Anthem ship. The service provides passengers with the pleasure to enjoy at sea almost the same high-speed Internet connections they are used to while on land. The new satellite technology utilizes each RCI cruise ship specifically.

Voom Internet has latency 120 ms, ping ~300 ms, download speed ~4,6 Mbps, upload speed ~5,2 Mbps. Voom allows fast streaming of music and movies (incl YouTube, Netflix), uploading multiple (incl big-sized) pictures, also video chatting (FaceTime, Skype, conference calls), checking email, web surfing, stable and fast VPN connections.

New Internet packages cost

RCI’s high-speed ship internet offering was revamped from only one plan into different per day packages with pricing based on the number of included devices. Two new packages are currently available for booking:

  • Note: All below listed unlimited Internet package prices are “Cruise Planner” booking rates and include the 30% pre-cruise booking discount. Packages can be purchased on board and also pre-purchased (before the cruise) via RCI’s “Cruise Planner” booking system.
  • “Voom Surf Voyage” is the “light package” providing high-speed Internet for general web browsing, e-mails and social media platforms (excepting video streaming). The “Voom Surf Voyage” Internet package cost (per day) depends on the number of mobile devices using it. Its pricing is as follows: $10 (1 device), $17 (2 devices), $24 (3 devices), $28 (4 devices) and $32 (5 devices).
  • “Voom Surf + Stream” is the “real deal”, offering unlimited Internet activities, including the high-speed video streaming (music, movies, video chatting, texting, VoIP apps /Internet phone calls). The “Voom Surf + Stream” Internet package cost (per day) also depends on the number of mobile devices included. Its pricing is as follows: $13 (1 device), $23 (2 devices), $32 (3 devices), $40 (4 devices) and $42 (5 devices).

Anthem cruise ship dining

All onboard restaurants can accommodate food requests and any dietary restrictions. Those are recorded by the ship’s wait staff via tablets. Once made, these notes are accessible to waiters at all restaurants.

Excepting The Grande restaurant, the dinner dress code is smart casual. Excepting the Johnny Rockets restaurant, shorts are not permitted.

Room Service

Room service is available 24 hours, but is partially complimentary. The Quantum of the Seas room-service menu has the following complimentary items:

  • appetizers and salads – Seasonal Fruit Plate, Soup of the Day, Caesar Salad, Mediterranean Chicken Salad
  • sandwiches – Seeded Rye Baguette, Turkey Sandwich, Grilled Vegetable Panini
  • entrees – Fried Chicken Drumettes (depending on ship/itinerary), Hamburger, Bistro Burger, Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni, Florentine), Chili and Chorizo Dip (chips with guacamole)
  • desserts – Cheese Plate, Chocolate Tart Raspberry Cheesecake, Cookies
  • The room service drinks menu offers Coffee (regular and decaf), Tea (incl Herbal and Iced Tea), Milk (also fat-free), Hot Chocolate.

In addition, there are upgraded items that can be ordered at surcharge from specialty restaurants. An example is the Michael’s Genuine Pub, that allows room service orders for pork sliders, Angus burgers, also hot breakfast items (eggs, pancakes) at extra cost extra (raging between US$4 to 5).

Late-night room service is at extra charge. Fee of US$4.95 applies for orders made between 11 pm – 6 am.

Fee dining options

The ship offers several (including new) extra-fee dining options. The food quality is better than at the complimentary eateries and reservations are recommended. If you plan to dine often at these alternative restaurants, you can save money by booking online in advance (before the cruise). By booking 3 surcharge restaurants, passengers get a 20% discount. Booking 4 restaurants results in a 25% discount. Making 5 dinner reservations gives a 30% discount. The list of such specialty restaurants (at surcharge and/or a la carte priced includes:

  • on deck 4 – Michael’s Genuine Pub (a la carte), La Patisserie (a la carte)
  • on Promenade deck 5 – Jamie’s Italian (lunch US$15, dinner US$30), Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine (US$45), Izumi Japanese Cuisine (a la carte), Chops Grille (US$35), Chef’s Table (US$95)
  • on deck 14 – Johnny Rockets (a la carte).

Free dining options

In the Anthem deck plans there are several dining venues that replace the traditional Main Dining Rooms with the Royal Caribbean’s new “Rotational Dining” system (based on the “Dynamic Dining” concept). The new Rotational Dining system allows guests to dine at different restaurants (complimentary venues only) each night while on the ship. This is based on a rotational dining schedule.

Very similar to the Disney Cruise Line’s dining, Anthem cruise ship passengers can choose the newest “Classic Dining” option. It enables them to enjoy the traditional type of dining by picking early sitting and rotate through each of the dining room restaurants (different one each night). This way they will get the same table and will be served by the same wait staff each evening. The list of complimentary specialty restaurants includes:

  • dining rooms on deck 3 – The Grande, Chic, Silk
  • on deck 4 – American Icon Grill (dining room), Cafe Promenade, Sorrento’s (pizzeria)
  • on Promenade deck 5 – Cafe Two70
  • on deck 14 – Windjammer Marketplace (buffet), Coastal Kitchen (suite-only), Solarium Bistro
  • on deck 15 – SeaPlex Dog House

The RCI’s Dynamic Dining system allows passengers to experience different complimentary restaurants, but those must be reserved in advance. Each passenger must choose where he/she wants to go for dinner. Since this is an innovative and unique dining concept – and a very important part of the whole Royal Caribbean cruising experience, we give you next the YouTube video review of the line’s “Dynamic Dining” options.

Cruise dining packages

Royal Caribbean cruise ships offer specialty dining packages (booking 3 to 5 “at fee” restaurants). It will result in up to 40% discount pricing (received as OBC/onboard credit) if those are booked / purchased individually. Currently available are the following package deals:

  • 3 nights specialty dining package (cost US$80 per person)
  • 4 nights specialty dining package (cost US$95 per person)
  • 5 nights specialty dining package (cost US$110 per person)
  • Children ages 6 to 12 can dine at the specialty restaurants for US$10 per person.
  • Kids ages 5 and under dine for free.
  • For a la carte priced restaurants, dining packages include an US$30 per person credit towards the food bill.
  • Cover charges at specialty restaurants include gratuities. The added tipping covers the food and wait service. Extra gratuity is always optional.
  • Note: on seadays, lunch at specialty restaurants can not be reserved.

Dining party and preferred dinner time reservations can be made via RCI’s Cruise Planner (online) or on the guests’ behalf in one of those restaurants or at the ship’s Reception Desk on the first or second day of the cruise.

For online purchased packages guests receive reservation confirmations in the cabins. Changes (regarding dinner times, locations and additional reservations) can be made at the Reception or at any of the surcharge restaurants. The onboard staff can add kids to any existing reservation. Again, once on the ship, you can choose which restaurants you want, which day to go and the dinner time.

And before the Anthem deck plan review, you can watch this YouTube video about the Royal Caribbean Quantum-class ships facilities and “best of the best” features.

Anthem of the Seas Deck Plans Review

Anthem of the Seas Cruise Ship Deck Plan COMAnthem of the Seas deck plan review is about a latest generation passenger ship featuring so many activities and unique facilities never seen at sea before. The list of new Royal Caribbean Anthem ship “WOWs” and “ever firsts at sea” includes:

  • the “RipCord” (located on deck 16) – the sky-diving simulator
  • the “North Star” (located on deck 15) – the above ship observation capsule for 360° ocean views
  • the “SeaPlex” (located on decks 15 and 16) – the bumper cars in the largest sports complex at sea
  • “Two70°” (located on decks 5 through 7) – big-size LED screens and glass walls allowing live panoramic views
  • the line’s new Interior cabin type called “Virtual Balcony” (decks 7 through 11).
  • New entertainment option on the Anthem ship is the “Escape the Rubicon” – an interactive gaming room part of the Fuel Teen lounge on deck 15. The participants are locked in the room and must work together to solve puzzles, find hidden clues and eventually to find the key and escape the room. The game’s capacity is 6-12 players. The experience is between 60 to 90 min.

Like her sisters Quantum and Ovation, the Anthem cruise ship has 2090 staterooms in total, for accommodating 4180 passengers (4905 max capacity), 1500 crew/staff, 4 swimming pools (1 covered with retractable roof), 10 jacuzzies, 16 elevators, 18 dining options, also the RCI’s feature Rock Climbing Wall and Flowrider.

  • On the Anthem cruise ship deck layouts you will not find: Ice Rink, Bowling, Zip-Line, Water-Slide, Ropes Course, Golf Simulator, Boxing Ring, Cigar/Smoking Lounge, Upper Deck View Observation Lounge (aka “Royal Viking Crown”), Royal Promenade. Instead of the traditional for RCCL ships “Royal Promenade”, Anthem has a 2-decks high walkway (on decks 4 and 5, linked with staircases). It passes through the center, roughly half  the ship’s length.
  • In the Anthem deck plans there are several dining venues that replace the traditional Main Dining Rooms with the Royal Caribbean’s new “Rotational Dining” system. This was implemented to replace the previous “Dynamic Dining” concept. The new Rotational Dining system allows guests to dine at different restaurants (complimentary venues only) each night on the ship (based on a rotational dining schedule). Just like on Disney ships, Anthem cruise ship passengers are served by the same wait staff and enjoy the same table companions each evening.

IMPORTANT: The following Anthem of the Seas deck plans are valid for Royal Caribbean cruises between 2016 (May 14) and 2018 (April 22).

Royal Caribbean’s DreamWorks Experience

The Anthem cruise ship offers its guests the DreamWorks Experience. This is a themed programming via a partnership between Royal Caribbean International and the Walt Disney Company. Disney is the distributor of the DreamWorks Studios productions via its subsidiary company Touchstone Pictures.

This new entertainment program is geared toward families and offers DreamWorks movies-themed onboard activities on select ships within the RCI fleet. The list of such activities includes:

  • DreamWorks characters meetings and greetings (plus photo ops). The list of characters available for meet & greets on the Anthem ship features Po (“Kung Fu Panda” movie), Shrek, Fiona, Puss (“Shrek” series), Alex, Gloria, King Julien, penguins (“The Penguins of Madagascar” series, “All Hail King Julien” series).
  • Character Breakfast (in the dining room restaurant)
  • 3D DreamWorks movie screenings (in the Royal Theater), including first-run movies which premieres on the ship are on the same day they go in land-based theaters
  • DreamWorks TV channel in cabins
  • Themed activities and games by the ship’s “Adventure Ocean” (onboard youth program) include animation workshops, story time, themed dance parties, character story-based adventure games, regular character visits to kids facilities, meets-and-greets.
  • The Royal Caribbean’s “DreamWorks ships” list also includes AllureFreedomHarmony, Liberty, Mariner, Oasis, OvationQuantumVoyager.

Anthem of the Seas Deck 2 Plan – tendering

  • Medical Center is the ship’s infirmary (onboard hospital) operated by resident doctors/physicians and nurses on 24-hour call duty. Opening hours are between 8 am and 8 pm. The infirmary is equipped with defibrillators, external pacemakers, pulse oximeters, an ECG (electrocardiograph machine), thrombolytic and lab equipment. Treatments at the ship hospital are equivalent to a private doctor’s visit. All treatments and medications are at extra charge. The only exception is Bonine (seasickness medication) also available at no charge at the ship’s Reception (24 hours). Payments are made by the Royal Caribbean boarding pass. General health insurance policies do not apply, so buying cruise health insurance is recommended.
  • Passenger Elevators (4x Forward, and 6x Mid-ship)
  • Storage areas, staff accommodations and crew cabins.
  • Passenger Tender Embarkation/Disembarkation areas are used when the ship visits a tendering cruise port along the itinerary, where passengers can be offloaded (and loaded back on) only via tender boats.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 2 layout - tender deck

Anthem of the Seas Deck 3 Plan

  • The Royal Theatre (complimentary, capacity 1299 seats, level 1 of 3) is the ship’s main show lounge for Broadway-style dance and music productions and aerial acrobatic performances in the evenings. The theater presents nightly 2 grand shows – early (at 8 pm) and late (at 10 pm) to match the assigned dining room sittings. Both are full-length production shows specially designed for the Anthem ship – with professional performances (singing, dancing, acting, live band music), excellent decors and lighting. Signature shows are “We Will Rock You” (musical based on the Freddie Mercury’s Queen greatest hits), “The Gift” (original RCI production /musical with special effects), the rotating Headliners (tribute band show) and popular game shows (like “Love and Marriage”). The Royal Theatre has its own bar for refreshments. During the shows, waiters walk around and offer bar service. During the day, the theater functions as cinema (showing Dreamworks 3D Movies /seadays only) and also hosts enrichment lectures and bingo playing sessions. Royal Caribbean’s Snowball Jackpot Bingo offers most generous payouts (final jackpots are in the several thousand dollars). Among the bingo prizes are also free cabin upgrades and even free cruises.
  • Casino Royale is a large-capacity, Vegas-style gambling casino with hundreds of slot machines, numerous gaming tables, its own full-service Casino Bar. The Casino staff also provides complimentary gambling lessons. Regularly, here are hosted gambling tournaments. The list of available games includes Video Poker (machines) and table games (Craps, Roulette, Black Jack 21, Caribbean Stud Poker). Guests can pay in cash, with their “Sea Pass” cards or with their WOWbands. The lounge area is furnished with tables, plush chairs, sofas. The Casino is a smoking-allowed area, but also has a small non-smoking section.
  • Music Hall is a 2-decks high show lounge for live music shows and dancing. Its is served by its own bar. The lower level has pool tables, a large dance floor and a stage for live band performances and tribute acts (incl rock bands performances) in the evenings. The upper level is for the overlooking balconies. When bands are not performing, a DJ plays Top 40 music selections. This lounge offers a late-night show (named “Mamma Mia! After Dark”) and Rockaoke (karaoke singing accompanied by the band). Another RCI signature night show presented here is called “Wink”. The experience is defined as a combination of cabaret-style entertainment (by The Royal Theatre staff), premium brand spirits and adults-only night club party life. During the day, Music Hall is generally used for dance classes (incl ballroom dancing, rock ‘n’ roll) and for comedy acting workshops.
  • The Grande Restaurant (open between 5:30 – 9 pm) is a specialty restaurant and one of the RCI’s “dynamic dining” (main dining) choices. The Grande is a complimentary, waiter-served (Gold Anchor service), dinner-only classy restaurant stylishly furnished and decorated (in black, gold and cream, crystal chandeliers). Formal dress code is required (excepting on embarkation day). Reservations are required. The Grande’s menu features many items typically found only at upscale restaurants. Among the appetizers are prawn/shrimp cocktail, lobster bisque, salads, smoked fish, truffle wild mushroom risotto, tuna/beef carpaccio, escargot. Main offerings include premium steak (20-ounce dry-aged porterhouse), lamb, chicken, seafood (grilled salmon, lobster tail, sole almondine, shrimp, scallops, crab). The desserts menu includes chocolate cakes, Classic Napoleon, key lime tarte, cheesecake, also 3 specialty cocktails.
  • Chic Restaurant (open between 5:30 – 9 pm) is a specialty restaurant and among the RCI’s “dynamic dining” (main dining) options. Chic is a complimentary, waiter-served (Gold Anchor service) dinner-only restaurant. Reservations are required. Decor is heavy on stark-white and gold, with diamond-inspired artwork. Dress code is smart-casual. Cuisine is contemporary, with many light-food and vegetarian choices. The Chic’s menu features as appetizers beef carpaccio, salads, soup of the day, cured salmon, grilled shrimp, prawn cocktail, crab cake. As entrees are offered premium steak (beef ribeye), lamb chops, chicken paillard, seafood (Icelandic cod, salmon strudel, diver scallops). The desserts menu has carrot cake, milk chocolate gelato, dark chocolate tarte, yogurt panacota, plus 3 specialty cocktails.
  • Cruise cabins from 3146 to 3652, of which Inside (category Q) and Oceanview (categories H, I, OC-Oceanview Connecting – all are Porthole Window type).
  • deck plan 3 cabins information: the forward-location Oceanview rooms are near the ship’s Theater (show lounge), so noise during rehearsals or the evening stage shows could be an issue. Some mid-ship starboard cabins are located underneath the Sorrento’s Restaurant (on deck 4) and its Galley area.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 3 layout

Anthem of the Seas Deck 4 Plan – Lobby

  • The Royal Theater (upper orchestra level 2 of 3)
  • The Royal Esplanade (lower level) is a similar to the RCI’s “Royal Promenade” design concept of a shopping/entertainment district. This is a huge, 2-decks high interior area designed to resemble a street. It runs almost the full length of deck 4 (mezzanine level on deck 5) and has no natural light. There are lined-up multiple lounges, bars and restaurants (most with outdoor seating) and luxury boutiques and shops selling duty-free merchandise. The Royal Esplanade features impressive design and decoration (incl original artworks), innovative multimedia technologies, live music, fun demos, alcohol tastings, DreamWorks characters meets-greets, Port Shopping (daily talks on shopping options in all ports of call in the ship’s current itinerary).
  • Retail Shops (lower Esplanade level 1 of 2) is a duty-free shopping arcade lined with shops and name-brand boutiques. Their list includes The Shop (Royal Caribbean logo merchandise), Kiehl’s (skin and body products), Michael Kors (fashion, handbags), Armani Jeans, Regalia (watches and jewelry shops), Prince & Greene (clothing), Impulse (perfumes, beauty products), Sundials (luxury sunglasses and watches). Port Merchants is a general store selling conveniences, also liquor and tobaccos.
  • Diamond Club is an exclusive lounge & bar for Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club passengers (by the RCI’s loyalty program). The lounge (open 24-hour) has a full-service bar and offers complimentary amenities, including concierge service, Continental breakfast, hors d’oeuvres and open bar (free drinks in the evenings).
  • Guest Services is the ship’s Reception Desk for 24-hour staff assistance, information, bookings/reservations (via iQ tablets), luggage and cashier services.
  • Card Room is for playing cards and popular board games, bridge tournaments.
  • Casino VIP is an exclusive lounge also used for high-stakes poker gaming. It is invitation-only and served by its own bar.
  • Cafe Promenade is a complimentary, quick-food eatery (patisserie-brasserie-cafe bar) open 24-hours for snacks and drinks. Among the displayed foods are croissant sandwiches (mini), fresh-baked pizzas (in slices), biscotti, cookies, pastries, muffins, cheesecake (Lollipops), ice cream. Free of charge beverages are coffee, tea, water (dispenser).
  • La Patisserie is a specialty coffee bar at extra charge. The menu is a la carte priced and includes chocolate-based sweets, bonbons, truffles, Danish pastries, cookies, cakes, Starbucks drinks (payments via Starbucks cards / phone app are also accepted). Starbucks coffee prices are as follows: cold drinks (Coffee $4,25, Mocha $4,75), Iced Cafe (Americano $2,75, Latte $3,75, Mocha $4,25), Tazo Tea (Shaken Iced $2, Latte $3, Hot Tea $1,75), Vanilla Steamer ($2,75), Soy Milk ($3), Hot Chocolate ($2,75), hot coffees (at $3,50 – Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha), White Chocoate Mocha and Caramel Macchiato (each $3,75).
  • Boleros is the RCI’s signature Latin-themed lounge-bar-nightclub. The lounge has comfortable plush seating, large dance floor, stage for Latin band music performances (salsa and merengue) in the evenings. The cocktails menu has an extensive list of mojitos, margaritas, premium tequilas and rums. After 10 pm, Boleros Lounge transforms into a disco nightclub with DJ programming. Daily here are hosted art auctions.
  • Michael’s Genuine Pub (open between 11 am – 1 am) is a traditional English/Irish pub bar (gastropub) by Michael Schwartz (Miami celebrity chef). The pub’s menu is a la carte priced, with additional lunch and dinner menus. The main menu has a diverse selection of draught beers, IPAs, ales, craft beers (incl the “Michael’s Genuine Home Brew” ale /brand established 2012), plus a variety of snacks. The food is standard pub fare and delicious. Among the snack items are marinated olives, fried hominy, deviled eggs, potato chips, tomato-bread soup, polenta fries, chicken wings, roasted pork sliders, cured meats, selection of cheeses. Also available are wines, bourbon flights, cocktails and desserts. The decor features dark wood, brass finishes, deep booths.
  • Sorrento’s Pizzeria (open between 11:30 am – 3 am) is a complimentary restaurant with plenty of seating (both indoor and outdoor / on the Esplanade). It offers fresh, oven-baked pizzas (3 slices at a time) and pies for lunch, dinner and late-night. The decor features brick walls and an wood-fired oven. The pizzeria’s menu has traditional items (with meat, cheese, vegetables, gluten-free, incl Hawaiian, Florentine, pepperoni, barbeque chicken, four-cheese), custom-made pizza/pie, daily specialties, antipasti (olives, mozzarella, grilled vegetables), desserts (biscotti, gelato ice cream, raspberry mousse, amaretti, chocolate panna cotta). Drinks are at extra charge.
  • American Icon Grill is a specialty restaurant and among the RCI’s “dynamic dining” (main dining) options. American Icon Grill is complimentary, waiter-served (Gold Anchor service) and open for Breakfast (7:30 – 9:30 am /port days, and 8 – 10 am /seadays), Lunch (12 – 1:30 pm /seadays only) and Dinner (5:30 – 9:30 pm). Reservations for dinner are required. Dress code is smart casual. The cuisine offered here is traditionally American, with USA coast-to-coast favorites. The appetizers menu has Idaho potato pancakes, chicken wings, Yankee Franks (smoked sausages), fried calamari, New England clam chowder, Maryland crab cakes, prawn cocktail, traditional salads. The entrees menu has classic meat/fish dishes – short rib, salmon, fried chicken, southwestern fettuccine (chicken and smoked sausage), pork chop, Americana burger. There is a separate menu with signature desserts (based on peanut butter mousse, chocolate, fresh berries, ice cream and coffee) plus 3 specialty cocktails.
  • Silk Restaurant (open between 5:30 – 9:30 pm) is a specialty restaurant with pan-Asian cuisine, and among the RCI’s “dynamic dining” (main dining) options. Silk is a complimentary, waiter-served (Gold Anchor service) and dinner-only restaurant. Reservations are required. Dress code is smart-casual. Decor is Asian (sophisticated, with dominating red and beige). The Chic’s menu for appetizers has prawn cocktail, green papaya salad, onion bhaji, vegetable samosa, pork short ribs, shrimp shumai, Vietnamese tacos, garden salad, soups. The entrees menu has dishes with chicken, duck, beef, hibachi steaks, pasta, vegetable dishes, seafood (salmon, prawns, crab). There is a separate menu with desserts and specialty cocktails. At the Silk restaurant is also offered Dreamworks Character Dining (free for kids, surcharge per adult applies).Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 4 layout - lobby deck

Anthem of the Seas Deck 5 Plan – Promenade

  • The Royal Theater (upper balcony level 3 of 3)
  • The Royal Esplanade (upper level /shopping and entertainment district) has two retail shops/boutiques selling Bvlgari (luxury perfumes, jewelry, watches) and Hublot (luxury Swiss watches).
  • The Via is an oval shaped area (within the Esplanade) with a small seating surrounding the “Eve” artwork (a mirrored steel sculpture).
  • Focus (Photo Gallery & Shop) provides photo and video services by the ship’s professional photographers. The Gallery has displayed both guest-made and professional photos (available for purchasing). The Shop sells at duty-free prices photo/video equipment and accessories. There are also computer stations (to view/order photos) and photo kiosks. As the Anthem ship uses face-recognition technologies, when the reader scan a SeaPass/RFID wristband all assigned photos will be displayed.
  • Shore Excursions Desk has computer stations and tables (no paper brochures). It provides information on Royal Caribbean cruise tours and excursions (sponsored ashore), also planning and tour booking services.
  • Next Cruise Desk is for Royal Caribbean cruise booking while on the ship. It serves the line’s Crown & Anchor Society (past guest loyalty program). The RCI loyalty program offers to its members exclusive (discount) cruise rates (vary by itinerary and cabin category), balcony/suite discounts, onboard booking bonus (savings transferred to future OBC /shipboard credit), early sales access (a day before the general sale).
  • Schooner Bar is the RCI’s signature piano bar for classy cocktails, live music, trivia games. Decor is nautically-themed, rich with dark wood, marble, decorative rope netting. The service bar is piano-shaped. The bar has a grand piano for live performances and sing-alongs in the evenings. Trivia quizzes and Sudoku contests are also part of the evening entertainment.
  • Vintages Bar is the RCI’s signature wine bar. The menu has appetizers (at US$5 each) and an extensive selection of fine wines and Champagnes (by the glass and bottle). Here are regularly hosted wine education classes and wine tasting events with sommelier service..
  • “Jamie’s Italian” restaurant (capacity 132 seats) serves simple but tasty Italian food. This is a trattoria-type specialty restaurant (at surcharge per person) by the UK’s celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating (on The Via, for alfresco dining). Jamie’s Italian is open for Lunch (12 – 1:30 pm) and Dinner (6 – 9:30 pm). The decor features simple furniture and large TVs on the walls (also showing how the namesake chef cooks his food). Waiters are dressed in white shirts and jeans. Jamie’s menu offers traditional Italian cuisine dishes – spaghetti, pizzas, antipasti, lasagna, bruschetta, eggplant parmigana, garlic bread. Hand-made pasta is prepared here each day. The menu also has 2 wooden “antipasti planks” – with either cured meats and cheeses, or seasonal chargrilled vegetables. There are also seafood dishes, burgers and terrific desserts. On request, guests can enjoy the old-fashion “View Finder” (usually given to kids dining here) to see their food in 3D pics.
  • Bionic Bar (powered by Makr Shakr “robot bar”) is the world’s first ever bar run by robots working as both mixologists and bartenders. There are 2 robotic arms that prepare and serve cocktails (all bottles hanging from the ceiling) making 2 drinks per minute. Cocktails are delivered in plastic cups via 4 conveyor belts. Orders are made via tablets. The menu offers classic and signature cocktails, plus the option for made-to-order concoctions. A TV display shows the ordered drinks, their ingredients and wait times. You can individually name your order. The name appears on the TV screen so you can track when the robot works on it. Just like at any of the ship bars, payments here are made via SeaPass (boarding cards) or RFID bracelets. Drinks can be ordered only by passengers 21+ years old. The “robot bar” is not a bar per se – it’s a walkway running along the Esplanade.
  • Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine (open between 6 and 9:30 pm, capacity 62 seats) is a specialty dining room (at surcharge per person). Reservations are required. All menus are blank, and guests have to paint them with water-dipped paintbrushes to be able to read them. The Wonderland restaurant’s decor is also unique – with giant keys hanging from the ceiling, mismatched chairs, blown-glass artistic lighting. The cuisine is truly inventive, with popular recipes being mixed and twisted. The food here (like it or not) is something you most probably have never tried before.
  • Chops Grille (130 seats) is a premium steakhouse-seafood restaurant open for Dinner-only (between 5:30 – 9:30 pm). This is a specialty restaurant (at US$39 surcharge per person) with an open kitchen allowing guests to watch the food preparation. Reservations are recommended. Included in the surcharge are bread with butter (first-served), 2 appetizers, 1 entree and desserts. At extra charge from the menu can be ordered soups, salads, prime meat (beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry) and seafood specialties. Among those are New York strip steak (12 oz), filet mignon (6 oz, 9 oz), veal chop parmesan, short ribs, lamb chops, roasted chicken, crusted tuna, snapper Veracruz, grilled branzino, lobster, shrimp, scallops. Steaks are served with a choice of 3 sauces (bearnaise, peppercorn, bordelaise). Among the upsell dishes are dry-aged steaks (16 oz), porterhouse (20 oz), Maine Lobster. Chops Grille menu also has sides/sharables (mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, truffled creamed corn, roasted mushrooms, grilled vegetables) and desserts (chocolate pie, chocolate lava cake, red velvet cake, cheesecake, warm cookie plate, ice cream, specialty coffees).
  • Chef’s Table is a private dining room (capacity 16 seats) surcharged at US$85 per person. Reservations are required, and dress code is formal. The room is part of the Chops Grille restaurant and hosts every night an exclusive, 3-hours long gourmet dinner event with a 6-course menu. Each course is paired with premium wine. The event starts with a Champagne “meet & greet” with the fellow diners and the assigned sommelier (knowledgeable wine steward). Each wine is reviewed by the sommelier. All meals are prepared and reviewed by one of the ship’s top chefs. Menus are different each evening depending on the Chef’s personal choice. If reservations are under 12, Chef’s Table could be canceled.
  • Izumi Japanese Cuisine is the RCI’s signature pan-Asian cuisine specialty restaurant with mostly traditional Japanese dishes (sushi-teppanyaki-hibachi, tableside cooking). The restaurant is a la carte priced and open for Lunch (seadays only, between 12 – 1:30 pm) and Dinner (between 6 – 9:30 pm). Reservations are required. The restaurant is comprised of a sushi bar (sushi/sashimi) and another section with 2 hibachi stations. The menu includes sushi rolls, signature rolls, sashimi (2- or 5-piece, also combo platter), sukiyaki, yakimeshi, ishiyaki (grill / chicken, beef), wakame salad (seaweed), pan-fried gyoza dumplings, hot/cold appetizers, premium seafood (tuna, shrimp, lobster, eel, crab), desserts (ice cream, pancake, caramel flan, dessert sampler) and specialty drinks (cocktails, beer, sake selection). Edamame soybeans and miso soup are complimentary. Izumi has Teppanyaki menu (for iron griddle-cooked food) and Omakase menu (Chef’s choice).
  • Izumi Express is the Royal Caribbean’s new “sushi to go” option available fleetwide since July 2016. The “take-out sushi” is fresh-made and of premium quality. The new option is a great choice for families with kids (avoiding the formal sit-down meal) and for all passengers willing to enjoy this popular Japanese food somewhere else on the cruise ship (incl in their cabins). Izumi Express sushi ordering is via phone (any one on the ship, incl the cabin’s) and also by going to the Izumi restaurant and placing your order there. Guests can order any item from the Izumi’s sushi menu during the restaurant’s operational hours. The staff takes the order and provides a time window to pick it up (usually within 10-15 min). Meals are in to-go containers (plastic, transparent) and conveniently bagged up. Quick and easy takeaway service is provided by the new Izumi Express carts (colored in black) offering up to 8 pre-packaged sushi rolls.
  • Two70° Lounge is a 3-decks high relaxation-observation-show lounge (also known as “living room”). During the day, this place offers 270-degree panoramic seaviews from its floor-ceiling windows (glass walls with an automatic shading system, overlooking the stern). The lounge’s ground level has stage and an ice bar, and is served with drinks and snacks by its own full-service cafe bar. The upper levels are for the overlooking balconies. Nightly, Two70 transforms into a show lounge with live entertainment. The evening show program has an original RCI stage production named “Spectra’s Cabaret”. This is an exclusive multidimensional cabaret show produced by Moment Factory (multimedia studio). What makes this show unconventional is the use of Vistarama and Roboscreen (both trademarked multimedia technologies) implemented within the lounge. There are a total of 18 projectors for the Vistaramas (12K resolution / ultra-HD video backgrounds that cover the windows at night). RoboShows are performed by a total of 6 Roboscreens (computerized large LED screens controlled via a mapping system) descend from the room’s ceiling. They display real-time views, graphics, animations (incl virtual dancers), and at times – dance to the music (twist, spin and move around by the use of powerful robotic arms) and even interact with guests. Live music and dance acts are performed on the stage. Starwater (a signature live show in the evenings) combines singing, dancing and aerial acrobatics with the ultra-HD digital imagery. Other themed shows are the virtual concerts and symphonies – real performances pre-recorded in ultra-HD and broadcasted on the Roboscreens. Two70 Lounge also hosts the RCI’s traditional Captain’s Corner event. This is a Q&A session with the ship’s Captain, Cruise Director, Chief Engineer, head of dining operations (food and drinks) and other staff representatives. During the day, at the lounge are held educational seminars, classes and workshops, including dance classes (also ballroom dancing), culinary classes, jewelry making. In the evenings, Two70 turns into adults-only nightclub with ample seating and a large dance floor.
  • Cafe Two70° (open between 7:30 am – 7:30 pm) is the lounge bar (food is complimentary). It offers light-food (hot-pressed sandwiches, wraps, custom-made salads, home-made soups), also gourmet desserts (bagels, pastries, muffins, cakes, fruits) and drinks (including specialty coffees). Here is also served Continental Breakfast (between 7:30 – 10:30 am).
  • The Anthem cruise ship has a total of 18 service boats, including 16 lifeboats (which double as ship-to-shore tenders) and 2 rescue boats (rowboats). The yellow-painted tender boats are with a futuristic design. Each of them has capacity 370 people, length 41 ft (12,5 m) and width 17,7 ft (5,4 m). For cases of emergency evacuation, the ship is also equipped with evacuation chutes (called “Viking Dual Evacuation Chute”). These chutes are connected to canisters, which after opening become life-rafts (inflate automatically when fall in the water).Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 5 layout - Promenade Deck

Anthem of the Seas Deck 6 Plan

  • Library is part of the Two70 Lounge (on level 2, entry from deck 4) and doubles as Card Room / Internet Cafe. It has 6 computer workstations (Internet packages are priced per week /according to bandwidth), comfortable armchairs, tables, books, cards and popular board games. Book selections include fiction/nonfiction plus a small section for children/teens. There are also popular titles in other languages. Among the available for playing games are decks of cards, checkers, cribbage.
  • Two70° Lounge (balcony level 2 of 3, entry from deck 4) also has The Workshop. This is a room dedicated to arts-crafts classes for adults (scrapbooking, jewelry making), expert lecturers, multimedia presentations and demonstrations.
  • Cruise cabins from 6118 to 6710, of which SI-Single Inside (with virtual balcony view), Balcony staterooms (categories D3, D5, D8, E1, SB, DO-Obstructed, BC-Connecting) and the rest are Suite cabins (types SJ-Spa Junior, FC-Family Connecting, JS-Junior, SG-Grand).
  • deck plan 6 cabins information: most-forward located balcony cabins (portside and starboard) are with larger verandas and unobstructed sea views when looking straight down from them. Balconies on rooms located where the deck narrows are with obstructed views due to lifeboats (which tops come up to the railing’s height). Forward staterooms are located above the ship’s Theater (main show lounge), so noise during rehearsals or the evening stage shows could be an issue.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 6 layout

Anthem of the Seas Deck 7 Plan

  • Two70 Lounge (upper balcony level 3, entry from deck 4)
  • Cruise cabins from 7110 to 7718, of which Inside (categories K-Large, L-Large, Q-Virtual Balcony, SI-Single Inside /studio with virtual balcony), Balcony staterooms (categories D1, D5, D8, E1, SB, DO-Obstructed, BC-Connecting), and the rest are Suite cabins (types SJ-Spa Junior, FC-Family Connecting, JS-Junior, SG-Grand).
  • deck plan 7 cabins information: the 6 most-forward located cabins (portside and starboard) have large metal structure balconies (the opening looks like a porthole) which makes the view partially obstructed, but also offers greater privacy. All aft-located interior cabins are above the Two70 (show lounge, upper level) so noise during evening shows could be an issue.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 7 layout

Anthem of the Seas Deck 8 Plan

  • Cruise cabins from 8102 to 8724, of which Inside (categories K, L, N, SI-Single Inside /studio with virtual balcony), Oceanview (G, F-Large), Balcony staterooms (categories D1, D3, D8, DO-Obstructed, BC-Connecting), and the rest are Suite cabins (types SL-Sky Loft, RL-Royal Loft, OL-Owners Loft, GL-Grand Loft, SJ-Spa Junior, FJ-Family Junior, FC-Family Connecting, SG-Grand, GS-Grand).
  • deck plan 8 cabins information: the 4 most-forward located cabins (portside and starboard) have large metal structure balconies (the opening looks like a porthole) which makes the view partially obstructed, but also offers greater privacy. Each of the forward-facing (fore-location) oceanview cabins has a large porthole window overlooking the ship’s bow.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 8 layout

Anthem of the Seas Deck 9 Plan

  • Cruise cabins from 9102 to 9718, of which Inside (categories K-Large, L-Large, N-Virtual Balcony, SI-Single Inside /studio with virtual balcony), Oceanview (G, F-Large), Balcony staterooms (categories D1, D5, D7, BC-Connecting), and the rest are Suite cabins (types SL-Sky Loft, RL-Royal Loft, OL-Owners Loft, GL-Grand Loft, FS-Royal Family, SJ-Spa Junior, FJ-Family Junior, FC-Family Connecting, GS-Grand).
  • deck plan 9 cabins information: Each of the forward-facing (fore-location) oceanview cabins has a large porthole window overlooking the ship’s bow.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 9 layout

Anthem of the Seas Deck 10 Plan

  • Cruise cabins from 10102 to 10724, of which Inside (categories K-Large, L-Large, M-Virtual Balcony, SI-Single /studio with virtual balcony), Oceanview (G, F-Large), Balcony staterooms (categories D1, D5, D7, BC-Connecting), and the rest are Suite cabins (types GS-Grand, JS-Junior, FS-Royal Family, SJ-Spa Junior, FJ-Family Junior, SL-Sky Loft, GL-Grand Loft, FC-Family Connecting).
  • deck plan 10 cabins information: Each of the forward-facing (fore-location) oceanview cabins has a large porthole window overlooking the ship’s bow.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 10 layout

Anthem of the Seas Deck 11 Plan – Kids

  • Adventure Ocean (neighborhood) is the ship’s kids complex on 2 levels. It has all 6 (indoor) play areas for supervised, age-appropriate activities for 4 age groups – from 6-month babies to 11 year-olds. Each age group has its own room and dedicated staff. All youth programs are complimentary. Adventure Ocean’s operational hours are – on seadays (9 – 12 am, 2 – 5 pm, 7 – 10 pm) and on port days (9 am – 5 pm, 7 – 10 pm, lunch included). Dinners (chaperoned) are between 5 – 7 pm at the Windjammer buffet. The “Late Night Party Zone” babysitting (between 10 pm – 2 am /for kids 3-11 yo) cost US$7 per kid per hour. Among the signature events here are Dreamworks characters appearances (4-5 times on 7-night cruise itineraries). Both levels of the complex are in the ship’s interior (without windows). This means better security/safety but also no natural light and outdoor playgrounds. Parents must sign their kids in and out each time they visit the Adventure Ocean. To each kid is issued a wristband (indicating muster station) that must be worn at all times.
  • Adventure Ocean (Royal Babies & Tots Nursery) is a babysitting facility Royal Babies (6-18 months) and Royal Tots (toddlers 18-36 months). Kids must be fully toilet trained. An hourly fee per kid applies (US$6 daytime, US$8 evening). The nursery (open between 9 am – 12 pm) has a Sleeping Area (5 cribs, 10 cots, 6 strollers) and an adjacent Open Play room for interactive play sessions (45-min each). The RCI’s “BABIES 2 GO” service allows pre-ordering Huggies products (diapers, wipes, cream) and Gerber (organic baby food) delivered to the cruise cabin/suite upon arrival and also throughout the Royal Caribbean cruise. Note: In-room babysitting for overage children is available (per hour fee applies) for up to 3 kids (within the same family. Advance reservations are required.
  • Adventure Ocean (Aquanauts Room) is for potty-trained kids (3-5 yo). The room has a library, TVs (for educational shows), chairs and tables (for arts-crafts, board games). Daily activities (offered around the ship) include scavenger hunts, fun science experiments, dressing up.
  • Cruise cabins from 11102 to 11718, of which Inside (categories K-Large, L-Large, M-Virtual Balcony, SI-Single /studio with virtual balcony), Oceanview (G, F-Large), Balcony staterooms (categories D1, D2, D6, D7, BC-Connecting), and the rest are Suite cabins (types GS-Grand, OS-Owners, JS-Junior, SJ-Spa Junior, SL-Sky Loft, GL-Grand Loft, FC-Family Connecting).
  • deck plan 11 cabins information: Each of the forward-facing (fore-location) oceanview cabins has a large porthole window overlooking the ship’s bow.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 11 layout - kids deck

Anthem of the Seas Deck 12 Plan

  • The fore-located Navigation Bridge and the adjacent Captain’s Suite and officers quarters are inaccessible for passengers.
  • Adventure Ocean (upper level, Explorers Room) is for kids 6-8 yo. Activities include educational games and arts-crafts workshops (nature, space, oceans, dinosaurs; painting/drawing, dressing up, scavenger hunts, sports competitions, kids discos, parties (pizza, ice cream).
  • Adventure Ocean (upper level, Voyagers Room) is for kids 9-11 yo. Activities include ship tours, sports, movie nights.
  • Adventure Ocean (upper level, Science Lab) is open to all ages and is for fun science experiments (supervised).
  • Concierge Club (aft location) is an exclusive lounge & bar for Grand Suite and above passengers and for Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club guests (by the RCI’s loyalty program). Concierge service is available daily (between 8:30 – 11:30 am, and between 5 – 8:30 pm). The list of amenities and services provided includes: personalized stationary, served Continental breakfast (8 – 10 am), Hors d’oeuvres and petit fours (served, respectively, before and after dinner), complimentary self-service bar (free drinks), reservations (specialty restaurants, shore excursions/tours, Beach Cabanas), Salon/Spa appointments, show ticketing assistance, media borrowing (music and movies on disks), business services (faxing, copying), private party arrangements. The lounge also has Internet-connected computers.
  • Cruise cabins from 12132 to 12718, of which Inside (categories K-Large, L-Large, M-Virtual Balcony, SI-Single /studio with virtual balcony), Oceanview (category G), Balcony staterooms (categories D1, D2, D4, BC-Connecting), and the rest are Suite cabins (types GS-Grand, OS-Owners, JS-Junior, SJ-Spa Junior, FC-Family Connecting).Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 12 layout - Navigation Deck

Anthem of the Seas Deck 13 Plan

  • Solarium is the ship’s adults-only relaxation complex spanning on 2 decks and covered by a glass rooftop. The complex features its own swimming pool (round-shaped, tiered), 2 large whirlpools, a sunbathing area with loungers, live plants for decoration, pool parties in the evenings. The adults retreat is served with drinks by the Solarium Bar (a light-fare cafe). There is a 24-hour beverage station for complimentary drinks (coffee, tea, iced tea, flavored waters).
  • Conference Center (aft location) has capacity up to 330 guests. It consists of several meeting rooms divided by collapsible walls. Each of the rooms can be configured to suit specific group needs. Here can be held lectures, seminars, presentations, group meetings, business and general sessions, conferences at sea. Modern presentation equipment is provided complimentary (including projectors, media players, large plasma TV, podium/lectern, wall-mount screens, video wall, microphones, stage lighting).
  • Cruise cabins from 13118 to 13718, of which Inside (categories K-Large, M-Virtual Balcony, SI-Single /studio with virtual balcony), Balcony staterooms (categories D1, D2, D4, BC-Connecting), and the rest are Suite cabins (types SG-Grand, JS-Junior, SJ-Spa Junior, FC-Family Connecting).
  • deck plan 13 cabins information: Balconies on rooms located where the deck narrows are shaded by a large metal roof extending from deck 14 above. Forward-location balcony rooms (portside and starboard) are close to a Bridge Viewing platform (located on top the Navigation Bridge) so their veranda view is obstructed by the platform (only when looking forward). They also may experience privacy issues when this platform is in use.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 13 layout

Anthem of the Seas Deck 14 Plan – Lido / Pool

  • Solarium (adults only retreat, level 2 /with a glass-roof cover)
  • Solarium Bistro is complimentary and offers “healthy dining” exclusively – fresh-squeezed juices, light fare for Breakfast (yogurt, fruits) and Lunch (incl meat/seafood and mixed salads). The Solarium Bistro’s menu has appetizers (Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi, Mexican Shrimp Bowl, Mediterranean Ratatouille, Mushroom Risotto, Sea Scallops & Whitefish Ceviche), soups (with chicken, seafood, vegetarian), salads (vegetarian), entrees (pasta, salmon, tuna, fish filet, duck, lamb loin, bison tenderloin, pork filet, veal scaloppini), sides, desserts (all are low-fat, no-sugar-added). The menu also has a list of red and white wines (at extra charge /by the glass and bottle).
  • H2O Zone is the RCI’s kids Aqua Park (outdoor water play area) dedicated to families with children. This is the ship’s playground with 1 “vortex” wave pool (in the center, round-shaped), 1 splash pool for babies (swim diapers allowed), 1 lazy-river pool, gazers, sprinklers, water cannons, kid-size deckchairs. Nightly, H2O Zone transforms into a garden.
  • The Living Room is a club lounge for teenagers only (children 12-17 yo). The room has plenty of chairs and beanbags, foosball tables, Xbox consoles, a large TV for movies. Among the scheduled activities are treasure hunts, talent shows, arts-crafts, trivia, sports competitions, video gaming tournaments, workshops/classes, airbrush tattoos, Scratch DJ Academy (DJ classes), themed parties, karaoke.
  • The ship’s Main Pool area has 2 swimming pools (1 outdoor, 1 indoor /under retractable glass roof) each with 2 large whirlpools. Both pools are with expansive sundecks (sunbathing areas with loungers and sunbeds) and shaded areas (with wicker couches) for relaxation. Main Pool deck is served with drinks and refreshments (frozens, soft drinks, beer/buckets, wine, cocktails) by 2 poolside bars – Pool Bar and Sky Bar. The outdoor pool are has Jumbotron (giant LED screen) and a stage for live performances. Among the activities here are live band music, games, funny contests, deck parties, food carving demonstrations.
  • Outdoor Movie Screen (called Jumbotron) is a poolside complimentary cinema (huge-sized LED screen) located near the main pool area. It is used daily for showing funny videos and live sporting events, and for watching new movies nightly.
  • Sea Trek is a dive shop selling professional water sports gear (diving and snorkeling equipment), some souvenirs and sun-related products. Here passengers can sign up for basic scuba diving classes and get PADI qualifications.
  • Coastal Kitchen is a suite guests only complimentary restaurant. The cuisine is a California-Mediterranean fusion – healthy food, well prepared traditional dishes (incl meat-seafood-vegetarian-light choices). Coastal Kitchen’s menu offers appetizers (Serrano ham, grilled prawn, antipasti, charcuterie plate, zucchini), entrees (ceviche, scallops, salmon, chicken breast, lamb, beef tenderloin, strip steak, pasta, vegetable plate, classic homemade pies), salads, flatbreads and desserts (cheesecake, cafe con leche, dark chocolate tiramisu, caramel pudding). Coastal Kitchen (the “suite restaurant”) is open for Breakfast (7:30 – 9:30 am /Grand Suite cabins and higher only), Lunch (12 – 1:30 pm /Grand Suites and above) and Dinner (5:30 – 9:30 pm /Junior Suites and higher).
  • Windjammer Marketplace is the ship’s complimentary Lido-buffet restaurant with international cuisine. The Windjammer restaurant is open for Breakfast (between 6:30 – 11 am), Lunch (between 11:30 am – 3:30 pm) and for Dinner (between 6 – 9 pm). The food is displayed in various pavilions (rather than a buffet line). The list of themed food stations includes New York Deli (panini sandwiches, rye bread, thin-sliced kosher dill pickles), Salad Bar, The Grill (24-hour, with daily changing menu), Potatoes, Panini (sandwiches), Pizza, Seafood (incl sushi), Fruits, Bakery, ice cream, desserts (incl fresh, oven-baked cookies), fresh juices. Windjammer’s complimentary “sushi stations” open for dinner-only (at 6:30 pm). Designated chefs continuously prepare fresh sushi (cooked rolls variations, mostly of eel and tuna). There are no nigirizushi or sashimi (with raw meat) or made-to-order items. Depending on the Anthem of the Seas itinerary, themed food items are also offered. The restaurant has lots of 2-seat tables and features a small outdoor seating area (located aft) for alfresco dining.
  • Johnny Rockets (open between 11:30 am – 7 pm) is a 1950s themed specialty restaurant (at extra charge /a la carte priced). This is the RCI’s signature fast-food diner conveniently located near the main pool area. This makes it the perfect choice for those who like the classic American fare (especially natural beef hamburgers/cheeseburgers) and don’t want to change out of swimsuits for lunch. This poolside fast-food restaurant has mostly outdoor seating. The a la carte menu includes fresh-off-the-grill, made-to-order burgers and hotdogs (at US$2,50), fries (incl onion rings, at US$1,50), handmade milkshakes (3 flavors- vanilla, chocolate, strawberry /at US$4,50), a selection of toppings (at US$1,50), also grilled chicken breast, classic sandwiches, sides, shareables, desserts (incl apple pie). Orders are made at the counter. Passengers are notified by a pager when the food is ready for pickup.Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 14 layout - Lido Deck / Pool Deck

Anthem of the Seas Deck 15 Plan – Spa / Sports

  • Power Walking/Jogging Track (2-lane, 3 laps = 1 ml) is tightly surrounded by lounge chairs and has a small incline by the spa.
  • Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center is a 2-level wellness complex. On this level is the “ShipShape Spa” (open between 8 am – 10 pm). It consists of Spa Reception, Beauty Salon (manicure/pedicure, hairstyling, makeup, waxing, barbering, teeth whitening), 22 treatment rooms (incl for acupuncture, and 2 rooms for couples massages), Medispa (botox treatments), changing rooms, relaxation lounge (with plush armchairs, complimentary water/teas), Thermal Suite (6 heated loungers, 2 saunas /1 steam, 1 dry heat). Thermal Suite’s pricing is US$30 PP per day (US$20 with purchasing a treatment). Day-passes are limited to only 30 per day. Free of charge steam rooms are available in the locker/changing areas (separate for men/women). YSPA (teen spa) menu offers treatments and services for teenagers (ages 13-17) including facials, massages, nail and hair treatments. Mainly on port days are offered spa promotions, incl treatment discounts, add-ons, 2-for-1, taster treatments. Up to 10-20-30% discounts are offered with booking multiple treatments. A spiral staircase leads to the upper level (ShipShape Center/Fitness).
  • SeaPlex is the Anthem ship’s indoor sports complex featuring floor-ceiling windows, kids and family fun activities. The full-size Sports Court (length 161 ft / 49 m, width 89 ft / 27 m, height 33 ft / 10 m) can be used for playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, football/soccer, paddleball, table tennis (ping pong). Daily are organized group game competitions. There is a DJ booth and the sports court is convertible to dance floor. Nightly, it transforms into a roller skating rink and disco. Another SeaPlex signature facility is the bumper cars arena with a total of 18 cars (on rechargeable batteries /no overhead power; top speed 5 mph / 8 kph; colors – pink, green, red, orange, blue). Circus School has a flying trapeze for circus training (on select days, min age 6 yo). Surrounding the main court, there are SeaPods (small rooms with Xbox consoles for multiplayer online gaming), foosball and air hockey tables. All SeaPlex facilities and activities (including the Dog House food) are complimentary (cruise fare inclusive). Outside the SeaPlex (on the exterior deck near the rock-climbing wall) is positioned a large-size (32 ft / 9,8 m tall) animal statue of a Giraffe (nicknamed Gigi), complete with yellow bathing suit and pink rubber ring. The Anthem’s Giraffe statue represents a fun concept (and a distinctive ship feature) similar to the Quantum’s polar bear (nicknamed Felicia) and the Ovation’s pandas (mother and baby cub).
  • SeaPlex Dog House (open between 11:30 am – 7 pm /seadays, and between 2 – 7 pm /portdays) is an all-you-can-eat, complimentary fast-food bar for gourmet hot dogs and sausages. The menu has 7 types of hotdogs – The Wunderdog (all-veal, plain baguette), The Coney Island (Kosher /all-beef, classic bun), The Warsaw (2/3 pork, 1/3 beef, caraway seed baguette), The Sicilian (pork, Parmesan, cheddar baguette), The Big Apple (chicken and apple), The Smoke House (Bratwurst /pork, Parmesan, cheddar baguette), The German (Thuringia Bratwurst /pork, caraway seed baguette). SeaPlex Dog House menu also has potato salad, condiments and sides (fries, mayo, mustard, ketchup, sweet relish, sauerkraut, sauteed onions-mixed peppers). This eatery is similar to the “Boardwalk Dog House” on the Royal Caribbean Oasis-class ships.
  • Rock Climbing Wall (height 30 ft / 9 m) is part of the SeaPlex complex. The facility is complimentary (first come first served basis) and used in 30 min sessions. Equipment is provided (shoes, helmets, harnesses). Daily are organized climbing competitions. The min age limit is 6 yo (waivers must be signed by a parent/legal guardian). Children 6-12 yo must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Fuel Teen Disco (open between 8 pm – 2 am) is a nightclub for teenagers (15-17 yo) with themed dance parties. Teen pool parties are held in the Solarium complex. Teens (lead by a staff member) can dine at the Windjammer buffet instead with their parents. Royal Caribbean doesn’t offer teen-only shore excursions. The teen club shares space with the RCI’s new “Escape the Rubicon” (interactive escape-the-room games by Puzzle Break, via partnership with ShowFX). For 60-90 min, participants (6-12 players) are locked in the room. They must work together to solve puzzles, find patterns, hidden clues, and eventually the key to escape the room.
  • Arcade Gaming Area (at surcharge US$1,25 per game) has popular arcade machines, foosball (air hockey) tables, skee ball, ring toss. Daily are organized gaming competitions. Among the favorites are classics (like Pacman, Galaga), music (like DDR X, Guitar Hero), racers (like H2 Overdrive, Fast And Furious, Sega R-Tuned). There are also family games (like NickToons Nitro, Sega Rally 3) as parents are allowed to visit and play with their children.
  • North Star Bar is a small beverage bar with all outdoor seating (bar stools, wicker chairs, tables, daybeds) located at the base of the pod’s loading platform.
  • North Star is a Royal Caribbean signature facility consisting of an observation pod (jewel-shaped capsule) mounted on a rotating hydraulic arm (length 135 ft / 41 m). The capsule’s capacity is 15 persons (incl 13 passengers, 1 operator, 1 wheelchair /no seats available). The pod is sized 12×15 ft (3,6 x 4,5 m) and operated in 15 min sessions. North Star was initially complimentary, with up to 2 hours long queues (especially on seadays). Since January 2016, an US$20 (per person per ride) fee applies. Available packages (at surcharge) are named “Sunrise”, “Sunset” and “Private Flight”. Booking is not required (first come – first served basis), excepting for special events – weddings, group visits, etc. The rotational capsule offers stunning views above the ship – some 300 ft / 90 m above the ocean. The hydraulic arm moves slowly around, extending up to an 80-degree angle. Operations could be suspended due to bad weather (strong winds). While the ship is docked in port, sessions are 10 min and the arm moves only up and down (not over the ship’s side). Bringing photo/video equipment is allowed.
  • North Star hours vary by cruise length and depend on weather conditions. Opening hours are as follows – up to 7-night itineraries (8 am – 10 pm on sea days, 9 am – 1 pm and 4 pm – 10 pm on port days, and between 1 pm – 2:45 pm. and 4 pm – 10 pm on embarkation day), 7-night and longer itineraries (9 am – 10 pm on sea days, 9 am – 12 noon and 5 pm – 9 pm on port days, and between 1 pm – 2:45 pm. and 4 pm – 9 pm on embarkation day).
  • Teen Areas (teens only lounge, with Video Arcade; level 2).Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 15 layout - Spa Deck / Sports Deck

Anthem of the Seas Deck 16 Plan

  • Vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness Center (upper level 2) is the Fitness (ShipShape Center, open between 6 am – 10 pm). It consists of Gymnasium (complimentary, with Techogym equipment), Aerobics Studio (for classes- Yoga, Pilates, TRX, spinning, stretching), adjacent stretching area, Cycling Studio (FlyWheel classes, spin bikes racing), private training rooms, locker rooms (men/women, each with sauna and steam room). The Gym room (with floor-ceiling windows) has modern bodybuilding and training exercise equipment (free weights, weight machines, treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, stationary bikes, Kinesis wall). In the mornings/afternoons are scheduled health and wellness seminars (free of charge).
  • SeaPlex (sports complex upper level)
  • North Star (here is the pod’s loading area, with a handicap elevator).
  • “RipCord by iFly” is the RCI’s indoor skydiving simulator. This is a freefall simulator implementing the wind tunnel technology. The facility consists of a recreational wind tunnel (vertical) enabling the experience of a flight (freefall) without a parachute. The wind is generated vertically, moving upwards at ~120 mph / 195 kph. This allows the body to float in midair (belly-downwards). The RipCord simulator was initially complimentary, operated with 2 x 1 min sessions. Since January 2016, an US$26 per minute fee applies. Equipment is provided (flight-suit, crash helmet, goggles, pre-watching a short video with instructions). Professional photo/video services are provided at extra charge. Reservations are required, and can be made also online (in advance). The simulator’s rules and restrictions mirror the land-based guidelines – min age 3+ years old (no upper age limit), good health/physical condition. Passengers with height less than 6 ft / 1,80 m must weigh under 230 lbs (104 kg). Those with heaight over 6 ft must weigh under 250 lbs (113 kg). Children under 18 yo need a parent/guardian to sign the waivers. The flight simulator is not recommended for passengers with back/neck problems or a prior shoulder dislocation.
  • iFly hours vary by cruise length and depend on weather conditions. Opening hours are as follows – up to 7-night itineraries (8 am – 10 pm on sea days, 9 am – 1 pm and 4 pm – 10 pm on port days, and between 1 pm – 2:45 pm. and 4 pm – 10 pm on embarkation day), 7-night and longer itineraries (9 am – 10 pm on sea days, 9 am – 12 noon and 5 pm – 9 pm on port days, and between 1 pm – 2:45 pm. and 4 pm – 9 pm on embarkation day).
  • The aft-located FlowRider is the Royal Caribbean’s signature surf simulator. Pumps project high-speed water (20-30 mph / 30-50 kph) across a small area creating sheet waves (stationary waves) to simulate ocean surfing. FlowRiders were first created as land-based facilities and were implemented by Royal Caribbean for guests to enjoy traditional surfing and skimboarding on cruise ships. The Royal Caribbean FlowRider is a complimentary (cruise fare inclusive) facility and reservations are not required. Equipment (bodyboards, flowboards) is provided. Private surfing lessons are available for booking at additional cost per person. Groups are 6 to 8 guests. The FlowRider’s restrictions include min height (52″/132 cm to use bodyboard, 58″/147 cm to use flowboard). Not allowed are footwear, goggles, go-pro cams. Guests can surf at the simulator until they fall off the board. The facility is supervised by sports staff (safety, assistance, advice).Anthem of the Seas Deck Plan 16 layout - Top Deck

Anthem of the Seas current position

This a VesselFinder tracker for Anthem of the Seas current position (location now) tracking IMO number 9656101. Its map shows where is Anthem of the Seas cruise ship today, along with next cruise port of call, ETA (estimated arrival time and date) and the Anthem ship current cruising speed in knots.

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