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Carnival Legend deck plans review will show you the current position of Carnival Legend cruise ship, actual location of cabins and facilities by deck, along with information on Carnival Cruise Lines Legend ship rooms sizes, types and categories (codes).

Carnival Legend (built 2002, last refurbished 2014) is the third of the four Spirit-class Carnival cruise ships – together with Miracle, Pride and Spirit, and the Costa ships Atlantica and Mediterranea. This is an outbound link to the Legend ship official page at and at

Carnival Legend cruise ship rooms

Carnival ship Legend has a total of 17 wheelchair accessible cabins (for disabled guests) and no Spa cabins (with exclusive access to Spa Carnival facilities). The number of cabin categories is 28.Carnival Legend cruise ship

Connecting staterooms (“family cabins”) are located on decks 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The list of connecting cabins grades includes: 2 beds (VS, 4B, 4C, 4D, 7A), 2-3 beds (8A, 8D,8E, 8M), and 2-3-4 beds (8B, 8C, 8K, 8F, 8J).

Carnival Legend cabins plans

Carnival Legend Rooms Categories, Size, Capacity, Location (deck names), Floor Plans
  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 6
  • Cabin size – 300 ft2 / 28 m2
  • Balcony size – 115 ft2 / 11 m2
  • Location – on deck 6-Empress

(GS) Grand Suite layoutCarnival Legend Grand Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – OS (4), JS (2)
  • Staterooms number – 36 (incl 2x JS)
  • Cabin size – 275 ft2 / 26 m2
  • Balcony size (ft2 / m2) – OS (85 / 8), JS (40 / 4)
  • Location – on decks 4-Main, 5-Upper, 6-Empress, 7-Verandah, 8-Panorama

(JS) Junior Suite, and (O4, OS) Ocean Suites layoutsCarnival Legend Suites floor plans (Ocean Suite, Junior Suite accommodations)

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 8
  • Cabin size – 245 ft2 / 23 m2
  • Balcony size – 220 ft2 / 20 m2 (wrap around balconies)
  • Location – on decks 4-Main, 5-Upper, 6-Empress, 7-Verandah, 8-Panorama

(VS) Vista Suite layoutCarnival Legend Vista Suite floor plan

  • Max passengers – 9B (4), 9A (2)
  • Staterooms number – 6
  • Cabin size – 230 ft2 / 21 m2
  • Balcony size (ft2 / m2) – 9A (55 / 5), 9B (85 / 8)
  • Location – on decks 5-Upper (9A), 6-Empress, 7-Verandah, 8-Panorama

(9B, 9A-Obstructed) Premium Balcony cabins layoutsCarnival Legend Premium Balcony cabins floor plans

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 626
  • Cabin size – 185 ft2 / 17 m2
  • Balcony size (ft2 / m2) – Standard (40 / 4), 8M-8N-Extended (60 / 6), 8K-8J (60-180 / 6-17)
  • Location – on decks 4-Main, 5-Upper, 6-Empress, 7-Verandah, 8-Panorama

(8A, 8C, 8D, 8F, 85, 86, 87, 75-Obstructed, 7A-Obstructed) Balcony, and (8N, 8M, 8K, 8J) Extended Balcony cabins layoutsCarnival Legend Balcony cabins floor plans

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 103
  • Cabin size – 185 ft2 / 17 m2
  • Location – on deck 1-Riviera

(65, 6A) Outside / Oceanview cabins layoutsCarnival Legend Oceanview cabins floor plans

  • Max passengers – 4
  • Staterooms number – 277 (incl 64x cat 4K-French Doors)
  • Cabin size – 170 ft2 / 16 m2
  • Location – on decks 1-Riviera (4A), 4-Main, 5-Upper, 6-Empress, 7-Verandah, 8-Panorama; cat 4K-French Doors (on deck 4-Main)
  • Note: cat 4A rooms have french balconies (sliding doors, obstructed oceanview)

(4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 44, 45, 47, 4K-Obstructed) Inside / Interior cabins layoutsCarnival Legend Inside cabins floor plans

  • Max passengers – 2
  • Staterooms number – 6
  • Cabin size – 160 ft2 / 15 m2
  • Location – on deck 1-Riviera

(1A-Single) Small Interior cabins layoutsCarnival Legend Small Interior cabins floor plans

Carnival Legend cabins review

Follows the review of Carnival Legend staterooms as amenities, furniture and complimentary services:

  • Carnival Legend Suite accommodations (Grand, Vista, Ocean and Junior) have 2 twin beds (convertible to king), dressing area (walk-in closet, vanity table, chair), private bathroom (WC, shower, whirlpool bathtub, bidet, double sinks). Some GS-OS suites have single/double sofa bed and/or upper bed for 3rd/4th person.
  • Vista Suites are all with aft location, and feature larger wrap-around balconies.
  • All balcony accommodations feature a private balcony with sliding glass doors (table, patio chairs, sun loungers, rail with clear glass panel).
  • Premium Vista Balcony cabins are located around the ship’s aft corners, and have same suite amenities (incl a wrap-around balcony).
  • Extended Balcony cabins are in 4 grades – 8N, 8M, 8K and 8J. These staterooms have 50% larger balconies, 3 closets , full bathroom (shower). Some 8N-8M rooms have sofa bed for 3rd person. Some 8K-8J rooms have sofa and/or bunk (upper) bed for 3rd/4th person.
  • Oceanview cabins have large Picture Window, 2 twin beds (convertible to queen), and some have sofa and/or upper bed (Pullman) for 3rd/4th person.
  • Inside cabins with windows are category 4K – with obstructed view, and feature sliding glass doors (French Doors). Some rooms have sofa and/or upper bed (Pullman) for 3rd/4th person. Some of the standard Interior staterooms have upper/bunk bed for 3rd person.
  • All Carnival Legend cabins as amenities have living area (vanity, seating), flat TV, direct-dial phone, safe, hairdryer, bathrobes, bathroom amenity basket (replenished upon request), Carnival Comfort Bed System (deluxe linens, duvet, cover, spring mattress, custom pillows /100% cotton), beach towels, mini-bar/fridge, individual air-conditioning, complimentary 24-hour room service.
  • NEWS: Starting January 2016, Carnival Cruise Lines roll out fleetwide for-fee (chargeable) room service menu. Items can be ordered 24/7. The new menu features free of charge hot and cold sandwiches, salads, desserts, beverages, Continental Breakfast selections. At extra cost (ranging between USD 1,50 and 6) are items that include shrimp, also sushi, pizza, quesadillas, cheesesteaks, chicken wings/tenders, sides of fries.

You can see all the furniture details on Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Legend cabin plans in the above table.

Carnival Legend Deck Plans Review

Carnival Legend Cruise Ship Deck Plan COMCarnival Legend cruise ship deck plan has a total of 1062 staterooms for 2124 passengers (max capacity is 2680 guests), served by 930 crew/staff.

The Legend ship has 12 passenger decks, 16 lounges and bars, 4 swimming pools (one with retractable glass roof), 4 jacuzzies, 15 elevators.

Carnival Legend decks with passenger cabins have a total of 50 Suites, 632 Balconies, 167 Oceanviews, 213 Inside cabins, Self Service Laundromats (passenger use launderettes).

The list of Carnival Legend deck plan changes after the 2014 refurbishment in Freeport, Bahamas (new venues and amenities after the 2-weeks dry-dock stay), includes:

  • New Aqua Park “WaterWorks” with the “Green Thunder” waterslide (187 ft/57 m long, speed 25 mph / 40 kph), and the “Twister” waterslide (214 ft / 65 m long), plus kids splash zone with sprays, mini-racing waterslides, and the “PowerDrencher” bucket (water capacity 150 gallons / 568 litres).
  • RedFrog Pub with the ThirstyFrog Red beer (draft brew, Carnival’s private label)
  • Bonsai Sushi (sushi, sashimi, Japanese beers)
  • Cherry On Top (candy store)
  • (new entertainment options) “Hasbro, The Game Show” and “Playlist Productions”
  • upgraded pools, upgraded fitness equipment
  • new carpeting, tiling, wall coverings.

Carnival Legend Deck 1 Plan – Riviera

  • Firebird Lounge (capacity 484 seats, hosts the Punchliner Comedy Club/brunch, Karaoke, art auctions)
  • Medusa’s Lair Disco & Nightclub (capacity 211 seats Dance Club with own bar; level 1 of 2)
  • Riviera Deck cruise cabins from 1101 to 1265, of which Inside cabins (category 4A) and Ocean View cabins (category 6A).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 1 layout – Riviera Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 2 Plan – Promenade

  • Follies Theatre (capacity 1400 seats main show lounge with stage for grand show and musical productions featuring singers, dancers, comedians, magicians; also used for movies, gameshows, bingo games; level 1 of 3)
  • Trump Card Room (30 seats, with board games)
  • Legend Cafe (28 seats patisserie and specialty coffee bar)
  • Satchmo’s Jazz Club (425 seats jazz lounge with bar, stage, dance floor, karaoke)
  • Taste Bar is complimentary, open for dinner (between 5 – 8 pm) on seadays and also on select portdays. The Taste Bar menu is a rotating nightly sampling menu with bite-sized appetizers from all “Fun Ship 2.0” dining venues (BlueIguana Cantina, RedFrog Pub, Cucina del Capitano, Comfort Kitchen) plus from the steakhouse and lido buffet restaurants. Plates are small and fee-free, but the rotating specialty cocktails cost extra ($5).
  • Bonsai Sushi restaurant serves Japanese cuisine specialties and drinks (a la carte priced menu). The sushi bar is open for Dinner (between 5 pm – 12 midnight) and also for Lunch (12 noon – 2:30 pm /on seadays only). The menu has appetizers ($4 each /wagyu short ribs, salmon, tuna), soup/salads ($2 each /miso, mixed greens, noodle), sushi sashimi ($1,50 per piece /shrimp, tuna, salmon, amberjack), sushi rolls ($5 per roll /tuna, California-crab), sushi rolls ($7 per roll /fresh water eel, fried shrimp), bento box ($10 combo), sushi ship ($17 combo). The menu also offers Japanese drinks (Kirin beer, Nigori sake, Tyku Junmai Ginjo sake, Carafe sake /served hot), wine by the glass and desserts ($2 each /Yuzu Custard, Green Tea Cupcake). Complimentary sushi is offered in the evenings at the buffet restaurant.
  • RedFrog Pub is a Caribbean-themed brewery with 2 copper-topped glass kettles (for ales and lagers). RedFrog Pub’s menu has a selection of international, domestic and Caribbean beers (Banks, Carib, Corona, Corona Light, Dos Equis, Kalik, Presidente, Red Stripe), Caribbean rums, cocktails (mojitos, rum, frozens), also craft beers (microbrews) and local draft beers (itinerary based). Here is also served ThirstyFrog Red (aka RedFrog beer) – the Carnival’s exclusive, private-label draft beer. Beers are served/priced in pints (16 oz / 470 ml), pitchers (60 oz / 1,8 L) and tubes (101 oz / 3 L). Entertainment options include foosball table, shuffleboard table, jukebox, darts, puzzles, live music performances nightly (acoustic guitar and vocals). ThirstyFrog Red is the Carnival Cruise Line’s private label draught beer. It is brewed on the ship and served on tap ice-cold, in ThirstyFrog Red pint glasses (20 oz / 590 ml, also available for purchasing as a Carnival logoed souvenir glass). The “RedFrog” beer costs $5,50 (pint 20 oz / 590 ml), $17 (pitcher 60 oz / 1,8 L) and $28 (tube 101 oz / 3 L). The list of available (cruise itinerary based) craft beers locally brewed in USA ship departure ports includes: Galveston Texas (Shiner Bock/Premium), NOLA New Orleans Louisiana (Abita Amber/Purple Haze), Tampa Florida (Cigar City Florida Cracker/Invasion Pale Ale), Alaska (Alaskan Amber/White), Maui Hawaii (Bikini Blonde Lager, Mana Wheat). In near future will be added more specialty beers supplied locally from breweries in California, Florida and New York.
  • Dreamteam Bar (10 seats sports bar) offers live sporting events and news (on multiple LED screens and TVs), drinks and snacks. Bar’s menu has draft beers (16 oz, also Carnival’s ThirstyFrog Red 19 oz pint 560 ml, 60 oz pitcher 1,8 L, 101 oz tube 3 L, Souvenir Glass), domestic beers (16 oz / 470 ml), craft beers (12-16 oz / 350-470 ml), imported and non-alcoholic, beer bucket, cider, cocktails (martini, margarita, mojito), double shots (whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila, mixers), snacks (pretzel, peanuts).
  • Club Merlin Casino (capacity 108 seats, slots, gaming tables, gambling tournaments, classes; served by the Merlin Bar; has 6-pocket Legend Pool Table)
  • Atrium Legend Lobby (11-decks high midship open floor area with dance floor, stage for live performances), served by Legend Lobby Bar (capacity 147 seats)
  • Guest Services (Reception/Purser Desk) provides 24-hour assistance, information, bookings/reservations, luggage and cashier services.
  • Shore Excursions Desk provides information on Carnival cruise tours and excursions (sponsored by the line and offered for each port on the current itinerary), also planning and booking services.
  • Medusa’s Lair Dance Club (level 2)
  • Atlantis Lobby Lounge (23 seats wine bar, Martini tastings)
  • The galley (kitchen) also has the “Chef’s Table” (private dining room).
  • Private Club Room (60 seats) is a Main Dining Room annex that can be booked for private group events (dining, special occasions, celebrations, parties).
  • Truffles Restaurant (aft location Main Dining Room /MDR, 1122 seats, on 2 levels) is a complimentary, waiter-served restaurant for Breakfast (portdays only), Brunch (seadays only) and Dinner. On portdays, Breakfast is served between 7:30 – 9:30 am (closed for lunch). Dining Room hours are subject to change due to itinerary/port of call arrival times or scheduled onboard activities. On seadays, the MDR serves “Punchliner Comedy Brunch” (breakfast and lunch /between 8:30 am – 1 pm). Afternoon Tea service (between 3 – 4 pm /seadays only, complimentary) includes a selection of teas, mini sandwiches, sweets. Dinner (seadays/portdays) is with 2 fixed/pre-assigned seatings – Early (at 6 pm) and Late (at 8:15 pm), plus Anytime (“Your Time Dining” between 5:45 – 9:30 pm). Dr Seuss themed “Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast” (cover charge $5 pp, reservations recommended) is once per cruise (on a seaday /itinerary based) at 8:30 am and 9:30 am. The dining experience features Dr Seuss character visits, waiters in special uniforms, themed decoration, unique menu.
  • The Punchliner Comedy Brunch menu is divided into 3 parts – Opening Act, Headliners, Punchline and Bloody Mary Bar. The dining experience includes 5-6-min stand-up comedy acts (family friendly, at each hour) performed by the evening’s comedians. The “opening act” (menu 1) has flamin’ tomatoes soup, bagel breakfast, fresh fruit platter (with cottage cheese or plain), Caesar salad, Eggs Benedict, custom-made omelettes, dos huevos, sides (sliced ham, cheddar grits, grilled tomato, smoked bacon, pork/chicken sausages, turkey bacon) and George’s recipes. Both recipes are special dishes created by the US comedian George Lopez- Huevos Rancheros (chicken quesadilla topped with fried eggs and cheese) and Breakfast Burrito (tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, beans, chorizo). The “headliners” (menu 2) has funny French toast, fat stack pancakes, carne y huevos (filet mignon), mac-and-cheese (fried chicken, steak or smoked bacon), pappardelle pasta, grilled salmon fillet, hen alla diavola (grilled chicken). The “punchline” (dessert menu 3) has ice cream, caramelized cheesecake, banana cream pie, Mexican churros (donuts). The “Bloody Mary Bar” (drinks menu) offers custom-made cocktails. While the food is complimentary, beverages are extra-charge (excluding coffee, milk, juices).
  • At dinner, in the Main Dining Room Carnival offers the “American Table” menu. It changes each evening and includes contemporary American cuisine dishes (appetizers, entrees, desserts). On formal dinners (1-2 per sailing /itinerary based) Carnival offers the “American Feast” menu with gourmet appetizers, prime meats/seafood, vegetarian dishes, signature desserts. The formal dining experience features live big-band music, special table decoration (luxury linens, centerpiece), keepsake menus, Cruise Elegant dress code.

Carnival Legend Deck Plan 2 layout – Promenade Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 3 Plan – Atlantic

  • Follies Theater (level 2)
  • Enchanted Forest Interior Promenade (55 seats)
  • The Holmes Library & Internet Cafe (17 seats, with board games, Internet computers/24 hour)
  • Wedding Chapel (capacity 30 seats)
  • Billie’s Bar (88 seats piano bar/portside)
  • Hollywood Boulevard Upper Promenade (23 seats)
  • The Fun Shops (“Bon Voyage” store menu, duty-free liquor, souvenirs, jewelry and fashion boutiques, logo items, convenience store)
  • Formalities Shop (special occasion gifts, tuxedo rentals)
  • Studio Photo Gallery & Shop (photo-video services, equipment, accessories)
  • Art Gallery displays original works from renown art dealers, available for purchasing at discount prices (allegedly cheaper than at land galleries). Park West Gallery art auctions are complemented by sparkling wine and held daily (usually in early afternoon) at the Atrium’s Lobby.
  • Odyssey Foyer Lounge & Bar (100 seats)
  • Round Table Conference Room (100 seats)
  • Truffles Dining Room (level 2).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 3 layout – Atlantic Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 4 Plan – Main

  • Follies Theater (level 3)
  • Gigabytes Video Games Arcade (open 24 hours)
  • Circle C (children club lounge area for 12-14 yo; video games, movies, parties, planned activities, all complimentary)
  • Service boats (12 lifeboats, 6 tender boats, 26 life rafts)
  • Main Deck cruise cabins from 4101 to 4241, of which Inside cabins (categories – 4B; 4K – with French Door (obstructed view)), Balcony cabins (categories 8A and 8B; 8M – Extended balcony, aft view), Suite cabins (categories JS – Junior, VS – Vista).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 4 layout – Main Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 5 Plan – Upper

  • Camp Carnival (aft location children’s club lounge area, complimentary kids programme- 2-5 yo, 6-8 yo, 9-12 yo, supervised age-appropriate activities, afternoon family games)
  • Upper Deck cruise cabins from 5101 to 5299, of which Inside cabins (category 4B), Balcony cabins (categories – 8B and 8C; 8J – Extended balcony; 8M – Extended balcony, aft view; 9A – Premium), Suite cabins (categories OS – Ocean Suite, VS – Vista Suite).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 5 layout – Upper Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 6 Plan – Empress

  • Empress Deck cruise cabins from 6101 to 6333, of which Inside cabins (categories 4C and 4D), Balcony cabins (categories – 8C and 8D; 8J – Extended balcony; 8M – Extended balcony, aft view; 9B – Premium), Suite cabins (categories GS – Grand Suite, OS – Ocean Suite).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 6 layout – Empress Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 7 Plan – Verandah

  • Verandah Deck cruise cabins from 7101 to 7351, of which Inside cabins (categories 4E and 4D), Balcony cabins (categories – 8E and 8D; 8K – Extended balcony; 8N – Extended balcony, aft view; 9B – Premium), Suite cabins (categories OS – Ocean Suite and VS – Vista Suite).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 7 layout – Verandah Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 8 Plan – Panorama

  • The fore-located Navigation Bridge and the adjacent Captain’s Suite and officers quarters are inaccessible for passengers.
  • Panorama Deck cruise cabins from 8101 to 8277, of which Inside cabins (category 4E), Balcony cabins (categories – 8E and 8F; 8K – Extended balcony; 8N – Extended balcony, aft view; 9B – Premium), Suite cabins (categories OS – Ocean Suite and VS – Vista Suite).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 8 layout – Panorama Deck / Navigation Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 9 Plan – Lido/Pool/Spa

  • Spa Carnival complex (Reception, 2 Steam Rooms, 2 Saunas, 1 Whirlpool, 10 Treatment Rooms, Changing Rooms, Helen of Troy Beauty Salon; Fitness Center; level 1)
  • Camelot Pool (forward pool with 1 Whirlpool) and Avalon Pool (main pool with 1 Whirlpool; covered with Sky Dome sliding roof), both served by the Avalon Bar; with Stage for live performances and contests)
  • Unicorn Cafe Lido Restaurant (complimentary, 1396 seats) is the ship’s self-service buffet restaurant for open-seating Breakfast (7:30 am – 12 noon /made-to-order omelet station), Lunch (12 noon – 2:30 pm), Dinner (6 – 9:30 pm /Good Eats buffet) and for Late Night Snacks (11 pm – 1 am). Good Eats buffet menu is a Main Dining Room dinner alternative offering steaks, prime rib, grilled chicken, pastas, salads, desserts, daily Chef’s Special. Lido restaurant consists of various take-away food stations and themed food bars. Among those are Carnival Deli (sandwiches, draught beer dispenser), Mongolian Wok (stir-fry, made-to-order Asian food /you choose the ingredients), Chopsticks (Chinese food, seafood, sushi), Pasta Bar (choice of 3 pastas, 4 sauces, 12 toppings), Salad Bar (35 items), Pizzeria (24-hour), Chef’s Choice Bar (international cuisine /different menu each day), Hot and Cold Buffet (stir-fry, pastas, carving station), Grille (ham-cheese-veggie burgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken fritters/sandwiches, sauteed mushrooms/onions, sauerkraut, Chili con Carne, homemade tortillas-chips-salsa), Dessert Bar (incl sugar-free items). There are also (self-serve, complimentary, 24-hour) tea/coffee station and machines for soft ice cream and yogurt. Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet (complimentary) is on the last seaday (7-day and longer cruise itineraries) and offers chocolate smorgasborg, chocolate fountain, cakes (incl pear, orange, cheesecake, dry fruit, diet).
  • Carnival Deli (complimentary, open between 11 am – 11 pm) offers hot/cold sandwiches and sides, and has a draft beer dispenser (for ThirstyFrog Red and Bud Light).
  • Pizzeria del Capitano (complimentary, 24-hour, self-serve) is equipped with a wood-fired oven and offers fresh-baked pizzas (Margherita, Pepperoni, Napolitana, Capricciosa, Calzone), pan pizza, Caesar salad, also made-to-order pies.
  • Lido Cafe is a specialty coffee bar (a la carte priced Barista coffees, milkshakes, pastries, cookies, ice cream sandaes) also operating as dinner bistro (complimentary food, waiter-served) between 6 – 9:30 pm.
  • Juice Bar, Towel Bar
  • Serenity (adults only relaxation area with Pool, 1 Whirlpool, Bar, sunbathing area with padded lounges).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 9 layout – Lido Deck / Spa Deck / Pool Deck

Carnival Dream Deck 10 Plan – Sun

  • Spa Carnival (level 2; Gymnasium, with separate Aerobics Studio for classes)
  • Club O2 (teens only club lounge; movies, video games, karaoke, themed parties, booking teens only cruise shore excursion)
  • Golden Fleece Steakhouse (156 seats, on 2 levels, open between 6 – 9:30 pm) is a premium steakhouse-seafood restaurant at surcharge (reservations recommended). On Australia cruises the steakhouse is renamed to “Nouveau Restaurant”. Cover charge fee of $35 pp (adults/kids) includes 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 dessert and gratuity. Steakhouse’s menu has starters (escargots, grilled mushroom, tuna tartare, shrimp cocktail, crab cake, lobster bisque, onion soup), salads (Caesar, spinach/mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, beef steak tomato), sides (Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms, Creamed Spinach, Steamed Broccoli), entrees (prime aged beef steaks – 14oz NY strip loin, 18oz rib and 18oz ribeye, 9oz filet mignon, lamb chops, chicken, Maine lobster, fish fillet from the market /itinerary based), desserts (cheesecake, caramelized apples, chocolate sampler, fresh fruits, selections of cheeses, sherbets and ice creams). The Steakhouse also serves beverages (bar prices apply) – fresh coffee/tea, dessert wines and after dinner drinks. The food is wheeled on a cart to your table for examination. A cooking demonstration offers an hour-long presentation from a team of chefs. Dress code is “Elegant” (jeans permitted). At the steakhouse can also be made reservations (bookings) for the “Chef’s Table” (private dinner package).
  • WaterWorks Aqua Park (2014 refurbishment) with Twister Waterslide (214 ft / 65 m long, entrance location on deck 11; open 10am-5pm), Green Thunder waterslide (187 ft/57 m long), mini-racing waterslides, PowerDrencher bucket, kids pool play area with fountains, jets, splash pools).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 10 layout – Sun Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 11 Plan – Sports

  • full-size Volleyball-Basketball Court
  • 9-hole Mini Golf Course, Golf Net (1 cage)
  • Jogging Track, Shuffleboard
  • Kid’s Pool
  • Golden Fleece Steakhouse / Nouveau Restaurant (upper level /balcony seating)
  • Twister Waterslide entrance (ending on deck 10), Kids Pool.Carnival Legend Deck Plan 11 layout – Sports Deck

Carnival Legend Deck 12 Plan – Sky

  • Deck 12 is the Legend ship’s highest deck and observation area- giving you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful port and sea views (staircase access only).Carnival Legend Deck Plan 12 layout – Sky Deck

Carnival Legend current position

This is a VesselFinder tracker for Carnival Legend current position (location now) tracking IMO number 9224726. Its map shows where is Carnival Legend cruise ship today, along with next cruise port of call, ETA (estimated arrival time and date) and the Legend ship current cruising speed in knots.

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